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1. Talking Unicorn

On April First, when Battlefield 1 was out for a while they implemented talking unicorns or so-called horses as a joke for many players.


2. Crying Baby and Mother

In the Halloween update for Battlefield 1 there is an easter egg of a crying baby and mother in the map ‘ Price De Tahure ‘ and inside one of the shops, you can hear a woman and a baby crying behind a locked door.


3. Double Rainbow

Another interesting easter egg you can find is the double rainbow, which is a reference to ” Yosemitebear mountain double rainbow. “

4. Easter Egg Baskets

There are some easter egg baskets you can find on the Soisson’s map one basket you can find is within a lake or a pond, the second easter egg basket is on the very top of a citadel.

5. ‘LOTR’ Easter Egg

” LOTR ” means Lord of the rings which means there were beacons on top of mountains when lit it signals that enemies were near or they were being attacked.

6. ‘UP’ Easter Egg

” Up easter egg ” You have to shoot at certain objects in certain places of a certain map and shooting at every object you look over the cliff there should be a house tied with balloons flying through the air which is a reference to the movie ‘Up’ by  Disney.


7. Drunk Soldier

” Drunk Soldier ” this Easter Egg is based on a soldier who drank some beer and went to war can be found on the outskirts of a couple maps.


8. Miniature Houses

” Miniature Houses” A certain number of miniature houses can be found around the map called ” Rupture “.


9. Scorpion

” Scorpion ” which is a reference to the 1962 movie or film ” Lawrence of Arabia “.


10.  Soldier Silhouettes

” Soldier Silhouettes ” this Easter Egg can be seen from a distance on the map ” Nivelle Nights “.


11. Funny Conversation

” Funny Conversation ” you can hear people creating a funny conversation behind some rocks outside of the map.


12. Secret Sword

” Secret Sword ” on the map Rupture, a sword inside a bonfire can be found and is a reference to Dark Souls II


13. Teddy Bears

Teddy Bears have always been apart of Battlefield but is still an easter egg


14. Fireworks

” Fireworks ” fireworks that are located near the Nivelle Nights map which can be set off.


15. Flares Or Ufos?

” Ufo’s ” Are these flares or ufos? Well, these are in fact ufos that can be found randomly in the night sky on certain maps.


16. Zombie

“Zombie ” within the Fort De Vaux Map, there is a door with a creepy and scary sound; what lies behind that door is a secret zombie. Also, you can hear zombie-like noises from a distance away from the door.


17. Megalodon

” Megalodon ” after completing the megalodon sequence, the megalodon easter egg will appear.


18. Saving Private Ryan Reference

” Saving Private Ryan Reference, ” the soldier says ” Put me within a mile of a Mr. Hitler, Party’s over, Gents. We’re all going home. ”



19. Classic Activision Arcade Games

” Classic Activision Arcade Games ” this Easter egg can be found within the Rest and Relaxation tent inside of the Headquarters map.



20. The Challenge

” The Challenge ” there are 3 hidden balls hidden within the Headquarters, collecting these balls will result in unlocking a challenge.



Information from Zynxize

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