Huge List Of Best Call Of Duty Easter Eggs

Modern Warfare 3: Giant Teddy Bear

Call Of Duty Secret Teddy Bear

A giant teddy bear holding two desert eagles from Call of Duty 4 which you can view in spectator mode on the map lockdown.

Black Ops 3: Blowing Up The Moon

blowing up the moon

This is an AWESOME easter egg of the moon getting blown up. The best part is right before the moon gets blown up, somebody says, “wait we don’t need the moon right?”

Black Ops 2: Homer Simpson Doughnuts

homer simpson doughnuts

Pretty much just doughnuts on a table, but still a great easter egg.

Call Of Duty Finest Hour: German Dance Party

german dance party

This easter egg is pretty funny but also a little bit spooky and also makes me wonder what kind of drugs the programmers were on when they made this.

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