Class Guide: Assassin

The Assassin is the most difficult class to master in Realm Royale. He is primarily designed for stealth and long-range combat with abilities focused on confusing and disorienting the enemy. Once mastered, the Assassin can be the most lethal class in the game.

Realm Royale Assassin Abilities


Gain 10% Groundspeed.

The Assassin relies on quick movements and rapid positioning. The additional groundspeed of this class is among the features that make the Assassin a difficult target to score hits against. The slight speed edge is also useful for maneuvering through buildings and racing for chests right after dropping.


Cooldown: 16s/12s/8s/4s

Instantly teleport a short distance.

Blink can teleport the Assassin in any direction and even through windows. The short range makes it difficult, but it is possible to blink into second floors from the ground. Because the teleportation is instant, Blink is an excellent evasive tool.

Defensive Uses: Blink does not teleport you very far, so it is not especially useful for running away unless you are near a window and can blink into a building or up onto a balcony. It can be useful when being attacked at a distance, disrupting the enemies line of fire. However, Blink’s value is truly apparent in close-combat situations. Teleporting directly at the enemy is a good way to frazzle your opponent. Using Blink in conjunction with Smoke Screen or Ghost Walk can be especially disorienting to foes.

Offensive Uses: Blink has phenomenal offensive potential. Again, because of the short distance covered by Blink, it isn’t great for closing horizontal gaps but it can get you in an enemy’s face very quickly. If you have a sword or a shotgun, use Blink to put yourself in killing range. A good aggressive strategy is to teleport behind an enemy during a fight, effectively causing you to disappear from their screen. Blast away while they take a couple of seconds to reorient themselves. Blink can also be used to gain access to the second floor of buildings from the ground, allowing you to sneak up on or ambush enemies.


Cooldown: 20s/16s/12s/8s
Duration: 2s/3s/4s/5s

Throws a drone that reveals enemy locations within a small radius.

If you throw Sensor Drone near an enemy, their character will be outlined in red, so that you can see their location from inside buildings and behind cover. The short radius of the sensor doesn’t make it useful for ferreting out hidden enemy locations broadly but is useful for figuring out exactly where an opponent is when they are behind cover.

Offensive Uses: Throw Sensor Drone at enemies behind cover. This will give you the advantage of knowing exactly where they are and what they are doing while you sneak around their cover. Use Sensor Drone to predict when opponents will emerge from cover to achieve hits from middle distances.

concussion bomb


Cooldown: 14s/12s/10s/8s
Damage: 250/300/350/400

A bomb that propels opponents into the sky.

Concussion Bomb can be used at your own feet to launch yourself into the air, or at enemies to deal damage and send them on a predictable parabola. It is useful for dealing damage, but the knockback function is what makes this ability an extremely useful one.

Defensive Uses: Concussion Bomb can be used to knock away enemies, giving yourself some room. Assassin plays best as a long-range fighter, so putting space between you and your opponent is often a good thing. You can also use Concussion Bomb at your own feet to propel yourself upwards, into second floors or over cover. Be careful using Concussion Bomb on yourself, however. You can’t maneuver yourself once in the air, which makes you an easy target. It’s usually not a good idea to use Concussion Bomb on yourself if you’re already being shot at or already targeted by the enemy.

Offensive Uses: Concussion Bomb is the Assassin’s only directly offensive ability. Hitting an enemy with Concussion Bomb can be the best and easiest way to score shots with the Sniper Rifle (if you have it) by putting your opponent on a smooth path through the skies. Once you memorize this path and the bullet lag of the Sniper Rifle, Concussion Bomb makes scoring a hit extremely easy. Combined with the damage caused by the Sniper Rifle, hitting an enemy with a Concussion Bomb can be a practically guaranteed kill. You can also use the Concussion Bomb to launch yourself into the air for offensive plays. Use your temporary high vantage point to hit enemies behind cover, or launch toward enemies, closing horizontal gaps without having to mount up first. Know that it usually isn’t a good idea to launch towards enemies unless they are already chickened, as you are vulnerable while in the air.


Cooldown: 12s/11s/10s/9s
Duration: 5s/6s/7s/8s

Throws a bomb that produces a cloud of smoke which renders the Assassin temporarily invisible.

Smoke Screen is a powerful evasive tool. While the duration of the invisibility provided by Smoke Screen isn’t very long, it does provide cover from enemy bullets, and can be a good means of finding cover if the enemy has gotten the drop on you. You cannot shoot while made invisible by Smoke Screen. Note that while the invisibility provided by Smoke Screen is fairly short, the smoke produced lasts even longer and can be used for additional cover even after the invisibility effect has worn off.

Defensive Uses: While invisible you are not immune to bullets, but you are very unlikely to be hit as you can’t be targeted. The Assassin works best if you shoot first and surprise the enemy, but if an opponent does manage to suprise you, throw a smoke bomb at your feet to effectively reset the battle, giving yourself breathing room to figure out your attacker’s location. You can also use the cover provided by Smoke Screen to flee from close combat situations.


Cooldown: 12s/10s/8s/6s
Duration: 2s/3s/4s/5s
Speed Increase: 15%/20%/45%/60%

Renders the Assassin invisible and increases movement speed.

Ghost Walk is the Assassin’s strongest ability and among the most useful. It not only makes the Assassin invisible, but increases movement speed, giving you time and the ability to take an entirely knew position. It is great for getting the drop on the enemy or retreating if you are caught off guard. You cannot shoot while using Ghost Walk, but it can be cancelled by pressing the action key again.

Defensive Uses: Especially at the higher ranks, Ghost Walk is the best escape ability in the game. The long duration combined with the increased ground speed allow you to travel pretty far before you are visible and targetable again. Use Ghost Walk to reposition yourself behind cover or duck into a nearby building. If an enemy surprises you, use Ghost Walk to reposition so that you can be the one shooting first.

Offensive Uses: Ghost Walk is useful for sneaking up on the enemy. If you know an enemy is inside a building. Use Ghost Walk before you enter so they don’t realize you’ve joined them inside until it’s too late. If you have a close-range weapon, you can materialize right in front of their face. Another handy use for Ghost Walk is to shield yourself while reloading. Start a reload before entering Ghost Walk, and it will continue through the duration of the ability. This is especially useful for a class that relies on weapons with small clip sizes.


As the name implies, the Sniper Rifle is a sniper rifle. Dealing 1100 damage, it is the most powerful weapon in the game (except for the Warrior’s Axe at its maximum range). It has a clip size of 1, and it is the only weapon in the game to have a scope. An excellent long-range weapon, it is still useful up-close as it is surprisingly easy to score no-scope hits.

While there is some bullet lag, there is no bullet drop, meaning it is not too difficult to get the hang of the Sniper Rifle relative to other games. Still, it is more difficult to get hits with the Sniper Rifle than it is with other weapons in Realm Royale. However, if you are able to master the lead on the Sniper Rifle, the Assassin is the deadliest class.

Try using the Sniper Rifle in conjunction with the Concussion Bomb. You will send the enemy flying in a slow arc that makes them easy targets.

Other Tips

Early Game: The Assassin’s quick speed combined with the offensive potential of Blink makes him a formidable early-game character.. You might be able to get weapons slightly faster than other players, taking them out before they can even find a gun. Especially as nobody else may have combat abilities, Blink will give you the upper hand in early confrontations. The Assassin’s other abilities aren’t as offensive as other classes, so after everyone has managed to get equipment, it is better to start keeping your distance so you aren’t shredded by turrets, nets, and fireballs.

Loadout: Ghost Walk is the Assassin’s strongest ability. You will definitely want this as one of your two skills. It is probably best paired with Concussion Bomb for a good build with offense and defense. You may pick Smoke Bomb instead for a full stealth build (don’t choose Smoke Bomb over Ghost Walk, however, it is essentially a worse version of the same skill). Sensor can be useful, but is not as good as the other skills, and you are better off with Concussion Bomb.

Armor: The most useful armor buff for the Assassin comes from the gauntlets. Epic Gauntlets increase your swap and reload speed by 10% and Legendary Gauntlets do the same by 30%. As the Sniper Rifle only has one bullet per round, this is incredibly useful to the Assassin class. The swap speed is useful as well, as often you will want to switch your weapons after scoring a hit with the Sniper Rifle to finish the enemy off quickly, particularly in mid and close-combat situations.

Range: The Assassin is suited primarily for long-range combat. Try to find locations that give you height and visibility advantages. The evasive and defensive powers allow you to flee to new locations if an enemy gets too close, or you don’t like your relative positions during a battle and want to turn the tables. Ideally, your enemies will never have the chance to shoot at you. For this reason, playing Assassin requires a strong familiarity with the map and a good eye for spotting far-away foes.

Patience: The Assassin class requires patience. He isn’t designed to rush into combat but to play smart and from a distance. It is more difficult to hit far targets, and the clip size and fire rate of long-distance weapons is low and slow. Take your time to line up your shots and make sure you have a good grasp on how much you should lead your targets.

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