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Hi-Rez studios has recently added a new progression system to Realm Royale called Battle Pass. Battle Pass offers a maximum rank of 65, which will reset to 1 at the end of the season. This first season is named “Primal Awakening,” features dinosaur-themed content, and runs for 8 weeks (from July 12th to August 6th). Increasing your Battle Pass rank allows you to collect rewards such as character skins, emotes, avatars, sprays, loading screens, Crowns (in-game currency), titles, chickens, mounts, and new skydive animations. There are two progression paths: A free path (silver) and a paid path (gold). The silver progression offers only a fraction of the unlocks that can be won on the gold progression.
How it Works
Whether you opt for the silver or gold version of Battle Pass, gaining levels works the same. You begin at level one and earn XP by surviving, getting eliminations, and/or placing in the top three. As you gain experience, you will increase your Battle Pass level, unlocking new rewards as you progress. The gold progression offers a new reward at every level, whereas the silver progression only offers rewards at levels 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30. If you purchase Battle Pass after already having progressed on the silver track, you will keep your current level and retroactively unlock all previous gold track rewards. Therefore, if you decide not to purchase the gold track at first, you can change your mind later in the season without having to start over at level 1. However, be aware that purchasing battle pass also comes with at 50% experience point boost, so you will be able to level more quickly (1.5 times more quickly) if you purchase Battle Pass.
Season One Rewards
Experience can be gained in all match types, though you gain less experience in Deathmatch Training Grounds. The breakdown is as follows:
Match Experience
Survival Time
Players Receive 20 XP for every minute they stay alive during the match.
Placement Bonus
Players receive an experience bonus for placing in the top 3.
200 XP for 1st Place
150 XP for 2nd Place
100 XP for 3rd Place
Kill Bonus
Players receive an experience bonus after their first elimination, and reduced experience for each elimination thereafter.
100 XP for first elimination
20 XP for each subsequent elimination
Party Up Bonus
Players receive 5% bonus experience for each player in their party.
Deathmatch Training Grounds
Survival Time
Players receive 15 XP for every minute they stay in the match.
Placement Bonus
200 XP for 1st Place
150 XP for 2nd Place
100 XP for 3rd Place
Kill Bonus
25 XP for first kill
5 XP for each subsequent kill
With so many ways to earn XP, including in Deathmatch Training Grounds (where you are allowed infinite respawns), you do not have to be a top-level player to reach level 65 and unlock all of the available content. So long as you put the playing time in, it should not be too difficult to make it to level 65 by the end of the season.
How to Buy
Battle Pass Offers
Purchasing Battle Pass is fairly straightforward. There is a purchase button on the bottom of the Battle Pass screen. There are two purchase tiers: Battle Pass (950 Crowns) and Battle Pass XP Bundle (normally 4,584 Crowns, on sale for 2,750 Crowns as of this writing [07.19.18]). The difference between the two is that the Battle Pass XP Bundle starts you at level 33. Crowns are worth a penny each, 1,000 crowns costing $10 USD.
What You Get
In addition to the 50% XP bonus, purchasing Battle Pass gives you access to a host of unlocks. They are listed below. The items in parenthesis are unlocks offered on the silver track (which you will get in addition to the gold track if you purchase Battle Pass).
– 1 – Chicken: Great Eggscape
– 2 – Spray: Clawmarks
– 3 – Avatar: Warrior
– 4 – Skydive Effect: Meteor Shower I
– 5 – Avatar: Engineer (Avatar: Crown)
– 6 – 100 Crowns
– 7 – Avatar: Assassin
– 8 – Skin: Primal Champion I
– 9 – Avatar: Mage
– 10 – Title: Newblood (100 Crowns)
– 11 – Avatar: Hunter
– 12 – Skin: Primal Champion II
– 13 – 100 Crowns
– 14 – Chicken: Cracked
– 15 – Loading Screen: Primal Warrior (Emote: Celebration)
– 16 – Skin: Primal Champion III
– 17 – Avatar: T-Rex
– 18 – Emote: Salute
– 19 – Spray: Skull-A-Saurus
– 20 – Emote: Sob Story (100 Crowns)
– 21 – Skydive Effect: Meteor Shower II
– 22 – 100 Crowns
– 23 – Avatar: Victory Bok
– 24 – Skin: Primal Champion IV
– 25 – Spray: Tyrannosaurus Radical (Loading Screen: The Realm)
– 26 – Emote: Come at Me
– 27 – Chicken: Hatchling
– 28 – Spray: Heart in Your Hands
– 29 – Avatar: Sad Bok
– 30 – Skin: Primal Champion V (100 Crowns)
– 31 – Spray: Beware of Dino
– 32 – 100 Crowns
– 33 – Mount: Cobalt Charger
– 34 – Emote: Running Man
– 35 – Avatar: Flag
– 36 – Skin: Sly Scoundrel I
– 37 – Title: Primal Champion
– 38 – 100 Crowns
– 39 – Chicken: Missing Link
– 40 – Emote: Smooth Moves
– 41 – Spray: Mad Lizard
– 42 – 100 Crowns
– 43 – Emote: Chicken Dance
– 44 – Skin: Sly Scoundrel II
– 45 – Spray: Happy Dino
– 46 – 100 Crowns
– 47 – Skydive Effect: Meteor Shower III
– 48 – Title: Realm Lord
– 49 – Avatar: Chicken Trophy
– 50 – Skin: Sly Scoundrel III
– 51 – 100 Crowns
– 52 – Spray: Smashing!
– 53 – Mount: Raptor
– 54 – Avatar: Crying Chicken
– 55 – Spray: Crying Chicken
– 56 – Skin: Sly Scoundrel IV
– 57 – Emote: Get Clucked
– 58 – Spray: Run Bok!
– 59 – Skydive Effect: Extinction Event
– 60 – 100 Crowns
– 61 – Loading Screen: Raptors
– 62 – Skin: Sly Scoundrel V
– 63 – 100 Crowns
– 64 – Title: Apex Predator
– 65 – Mount: Apex Predator
Skins are class-specific, and for this first season, there is a skin for the Warrior (Primal Champion) and the Assassin (Sly Scoundrel). Both Skins are introduced in levels (I-V), with each level adding more ornamentation and looking generally cooler.
The chicken skin also progresses in levels, starting out as an egg, progressively hatching, and ending with a small purple dinosaur.
Is it Worth It?
100 Crowns
You can see all of the unlocks in advance on the Battle Pass progression screen. If you don’t mind paying $10 for this ornamental content, then purchase away. Also consider that Realm Royale is free to play, so purchasing Battle Pass is one way you can support the developer. It is also worth noting that if you purchase Battle Pass and make it to level 63, you will earn an accumulated 1000 crowns, which the developer has stated will be enough to purchase the next Battle Pass. It’s unclear if this will be the case for every season (being able to earn enough gold to purchase each successive Battle Pass), but for now it is case, meaning you are getting at least two-for-the-price-of-one this first season (provided you make it to level 63).
As for the XP bundle, this is probably not worth purchasing at least this early in the season. If you want all of the content and are late to the game or don’t participate much in the first part of the season, the XP bundle may be worthwhile. It is currently discounted, but this discounted rate may not apply as the season goes on (and the additional XP becomes more valuable). At the non-discounted rate, it is more than four times the cost of the regular Battle Pass, and if you plan on playing a lot, provides no extra content.

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