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It is difficult to state outright that any particular class in Realm Royale is the best or better than all of the others. If Hi-Rez Studios does their job correctly, each class should balance the others, with no class being obviously superior. That said, creating a perfect balance among classes in a multiplayer game is exceedingly difficult. It’s also important to keep in mind that Realm Royale is still in Alpha, meaning that patches and gameplay changes can still be expected fairly frequently. This guide is relevant as of the current build (6-28-18). While the classes may not change radically, tweaks to damage and cooldown counters for different class abilities are bound to occur. Ultimately, what class works best for you is dependent on your play style and game mode (solo, duo, squad). As of now there are some classes that outshine the others though not by much.

Realm Royale Warrior Class


Warrior Jumping

For beginners, the Warrior class is a solid choice. The Warrior’s passive ability heals 5 health per second. This is not a lot of health, but enough to make the Warrior a bit more durable than his counterparts, particularly early in the game. Passive healing effectively means that the Warrior can take a little bit more damage before he is killed (and a lot more damage if he can hide long enough). The Warrior’s Healing Flask and Shielding Potion abilities add to this durability. As a new player, staying alive is the first thing you will need to learn and the Warrior is probably best suited for that.

The Assassin is also well-adapted for survival, but his attack strategy is more difficult to master than the Warrior’s. The Warrior is the most well-rounded character, with a nice balance of offensive and defensive abilities. He is suited to close combat encounters where accuracy is a little less important and it is easy to land hits with Charge and Net Shot. The Warrior’s strength is that he’s not particularly bad at anything. The tradeoff is that he doesn’t have quite the same potential as the other characters. More skilled players are likely to choose the Assassin, Mage, or Hunter.

Like everything else about The Warrior, his movement ability, Leap, is easy to use and good but not great. It is useful for both fleeing and attacking, though it does leave you vulnerable during use. The Warrior has a nice balance of offensive and defensive abilities depending on playstyle and is always useful to have on a team as the Shielding Potion makes the Warrior a good tank and distraction. He pairs nicely with the Assassin class, who can provide support from afar. Playing the Warrior requires less finesse than the other classes and he is not easily dispatched.

Realm Royale Assassin and Mage Classes


For solo play, the Assassin and the Mage are the best two classes, and which is better depends on your playstyle. The Assassin’s legendary weapon deals the most damage and has incredible range. His evasive abilities are the best of any class, making him quite difficult to hit if the enemy can even find him before it is too late. That said, the Assassin is also the most difficult class to master. While his evasive and camouflage abilities are easy to use, unlocking his offensive potential requires excellent aim and a solid understanding of the map. He isn’t a bad choice for beginners by any means; Blink is the best movement ability for combat and Ghost Walk makes escaping tricky situations a breeze. However, a less-skilled player is likely to be better at dealing damage with the Mage or Hunter. It’s easy to get in the top 10 with Assassin, but he’s likely to lose a 1v1 standoff against a good Mage player.

The Mage is the strongest class in any 1v1 confrontation where no player has the drop on the other, and both players are fully decked-out in top-tier equipment. The Mage’s Fireball ability combined with her ultimate weapon allow her to deal the most damage the quickest. She does lean more heavily on her abilities than other classes, so early in the game she is relatively weaker, at least until she can reduce her cooldowns (by finding higher-level abilities and equipping an epic or legendary helmet).

A good Assassin facing off against a good Mage is only going to win if the Assassin is able to surprise the Mage, use evasive skills, and attack from a distance. In a close-range fight, the Assassin is at a disadvantage. The Assassin is not necessarily a weak close-range fighter however. His Blink ability is a powerful skill and can be especially useful against the Warrior and Engineer classes, so his defeat in close-range situations is by no means a foregone conclusion.

As the game progresses and the battlefield shrinks, the Assassin’s range advantage is curtailed. There are fewer places to hide and a good Mage will force an Assassin into a close quarters standoff that the Assassin is likely to lose. This, of course, is not guaranteed. If the Mage has an edge over the Assassin, it is modest one. However, since the goal is to get first place, and the Mage’s advantages increase in the end-game (with the smaller map and once everyone has their best equipment), the Mage is perhaps slightly stronger

Realm Royale Engineer and Assassin Classes


Engineer Thrust

The Engineer is the most useful team player. His Barricade and Healing Totem aid not only himself, but his allies as well. Barricade blocks only from enemy attacks and can be fired through by allies, effectively applying a Shielding potion to multiple players. In solo play, these are good abilities, but their utility is greatly increased when their benefits are also applied to teammates.

The Assassin also makes a good team character. Even for beginner players he is a good choice as he is suited for staying on the back lines and attacking from afar. Less-skilled players that haven’t quite mastered shooting and evading at the same time can hang back in a less risky situation and use the Assassin’s evasive abilities to flee encounters where he doesn’t have the support of his teammates. The Assassin’s utility still relies on good accuracy. Making shots from a distance isn’t that difficult, but beginner players aren’t going to be getting as many headshots as their experienced counterparts.

Which class to choose for squad combat is really dependent on your playstyle. The Engineer is more of a support character and will likely be on the front lines of combat. The Assassin is safer, but if you can’t aim at a distance you may not be of much use to your teammates. Also, the Assassin’s support abilities only shine when there is a close-range character to support in the first place. In this regard, he pairs nicely with the Warrior, whose Shielding Potion makes him an optimal tank. A team composed only of Assassins is not liable to perform well.

Though these classes are good team players, it should be mentioned that the aspects of the Mage class that makes her so strong in solo play still apply to team battles. The Engineer is very good as a supporting character, and it is useful to have at least one in a squad match. In duo, it may be best to have an Assassin and a Mage or simply two Mages.

Realm Royale Hunter Class

Honorable Mention

Hunter Longbow

The Hunter has what many consider the best legendary weapon in the game: The Longbow. When fully drawn, it deals a high amount of damage and has a quick rate of fire. The Longbow doesn’t need to be reloaded and the bullet speed is even faster than the Assassin’s Sniper Rifle. The Hunter’s abilities are useful for evasion, and she is a very good long-range character. That said, her evasion skills aren’t quite as good as the Assassin’s and her DPS isn’t quite as high as a Mage with a strong fireball. The Hunter splits the difference between the Mage and the Assassin and her disadvantages are slight (gameplay changes affecting cooldowns or damage for abilities could easily maker her stronger than the Mage and it is at least arguable that she already is). The Hunter is also better than the Warrior and the Engineer at 1v1 confrontations. She is probably a better matchup against the Mage than the Assassin, but not particularly good against the Assassin.


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