There are a good number of weapons to choose from in Realm Royale. With the exception of the legendary weapons, weapons are found randomly in chests scattered across the map. You don’t get to choose your starting loadout but as you open enough chests, you will eventually be presented with options. Which weapons should you keep, and which should you convert to shards for the forge?

Obviously, the legendary weapons are the strongest in the game, and which you can craft is determined by class. There are also non-class-specific legendary weapons, which are extra powerful versions of the standard weapons, sometimes with an added elemental effect. While the class-specific legendary weapons are clearly the strongest, it’s worthwhile to think about which weapon to equip as your secondary or which to use before you are able to forge a legendary.

Realm Royale Legendary Weapons

Hunter Longbow

Hunter: Longbow

clip size: ∞
2.0 shots per second

Engineer: Plasma Launcher

clip size: 6
1 shot per second
Deals splash damage.

Assassin: Sniper Rifle

clip size: 1
1 shot per second
Has scope.

Mage: Stone Spear

clip size: 5
1.2 shots per second
300 per projectile
Fires three projectiles at a time.

Warrior: Throwing Axe

clip size: ∞
0.9 shots per second

Among the class-specific legendary weapons, the Hunter’s Longbow is probably the best. It deals 900 points of damage when fully-drawn and has a fairly quick rate of fire. It requires no reloading and has excellent range and accuracy. The Engineer’s Plasma Launcher is a close second because of the splash damage it causes, which pairs nicely with the Engineer’s ability to leap high into the air.  The Assassin’s Sniper Rifle deals the most damage but must be reloaded after every shot and has a slow projectile speed. The Warrior’s Throwing Axe can deal a massive amount of damage because of the infinite clip size and high fire-rate, though it has limited range.

Gold Chest

Non-class-specific legendary weapons can be crafted at the forge or found in golden crates (which drop randomly and are marked on the map when they appear).


Realm Royale Elemental Weapons

Elemental effects are added randomly to some legendary weapons. Each elemental effect has its benefits, and which element is best depends on the weapon, though the fire and frost elements are generally more useful than lightning. Fire deals extra damage, which is great for shotguns and high-DPS weapons, whereas frost slows enemy movement, which is more beneficial for long range rifles. Lightning is the least useful of the elemental powers, but better than nothing.

Fire: Inflicts extra burning damage.
Frost: Slows enemies.
Lightning: Reveals enemies through walls.

Rarer is Not Necessarily Better

An important concept to keep in mind is that you should not automatically swap out one weapon for another because of rarity alone. An epic weapon is always superior to a rare weapon of the same type, but there is no point to swap an epic Sword for a rare Slug Rifle, especially if you already have a shotgun. Take into account the relative strengths of each weapon type and try to carry both a close-range and a long-range weapon.

Realm Royale Weapon List


clip size: 5
1 shot per second

The Shotgun is a good choice for a close-range weapon. It has a high DPS and is easy to aim. The strength of the Shotgun drops pretty drastically at range, becoming practically useless even at medium distances.


clip size: ∞
1.11 swings per second

The Sword is probably the worst weapon in the game and only useful if you have no other weapon to use. Not only does it do less damage than the shotgun, it is much harder to hit with. There is no lunging feature, and so a wary opponent can retreat from your swings, whittling away your health until you are dead. It is almost impossible to hit a player with the Sword unless you surprise them inside a building or they have no weapon of their own.

Auto Rifle

clip size: 20
5.0 shots per second

The Auto Rifle is too weak to be much worth using and should be swapped out at first opportunity. Though it has the highest fire rate of any weapon in the game, it has the lowest DPS. It’s not particularly serviceable as a close-range or a long-range weapon.

Burst Rifle

clip size: 18
1.25 bursts per second
330/396/462/528 (per triple shot)

The Burst Rifle fires three bullets at a time, each dealing 110 points of damage (at the common rarity). It has the second lowest DPS of any of the weapons. It is a fair long-range weapon, but not as good as the Slug Rifle or Heirloom Rifle. However, the triple burst makes it easier to land hits with, making it a good choice for beginners.



clip size: 6
1.82 shots per second

The Crossbow has a high damage falloff at a distance, so is not a good long-range weapon. However, it has the highest DPS of any weapon (at the common and rare levels, the Venom Pistol has a higher DPS, but the Venom Pistol does not appear at the epic and legendary rarities) and is probably the most powerful close-to-midrange weapon. If you are accurate, it is an even better close-range weapon than the Shotgun (but requires a higher level of skill).

Slug Rifle

clip size: 6
1.11 shots per second

The Slug Rifle is the best long-range weapon available. Its close competitor would be the Heirloom Rifle, which has a higher DPS because of its slightly quicker fire rate. However, the Heirloom Rifle deals less damage per shot, and when attacking at a distance, the slightly faster fire rate isn’t as useful becuase you will want to take your time lining up shots anyway.

Heirloom Rifle

clip size: 10
1.67 shots per second

The Heirloom Rifle is a good long-range choice. It is very comparable to the Slug Rifle, though the Slug Rifle is all-in-all a better long-range weapon. A more common Slug Rifle is still a better weapon than a rarer Heirloom rifle and it’s not really worth swapping out the Slug Rifle unless the Heirloom Rifle is 2 tiers higher. The larger clip size is helpful, but not enough of an advantage to offset the superiority of the Slug Rifle.


clip size: 6
1.39 shots per second

The Revolver has a very high damage falloff at a distance, and can be viewed as essentially a worse version of the Crossbow.

Venom Pistol

clip size: 15
1.43 bursts per second
420/504 (per triple shot) (no epic or legendary rarities)

The Venom Pistol does not show up at the epic and legendary rarities. It looks a lot better on paper than it actually is. In practice, the Venom Pistol ends up feeling like one of the weaker weapons in the game, and most players opt to never use it unless it is their only option. The residual damage dealt by the poison effect of the pistol isn’t often of much use (especially if your enemy manages to dispatch you before you can benefit from this additional effect).

Slug Rifle

1. Slug Rifle
2. Crossbow
3. Heirloom Rifle
4. Shotgun
5. Burst Rifle
6. Venom Pistol
7. Revolver
8. Auto Rifle
9. Sword


Realm Royale allows you to hold up to two weapons at a time, so just picking the strongest weapons isn’t always the best choice, you want to select two weapons that pair together with each other as well as your character’s abilities. Your first weapon should be your class legendary, and your second choice should be based on that. The Assassin’s legendary is a sniper rifle, and though I rank the Slug Rifle above the Crossbow, the Crossbow or the Shotgun is a better choice of secondary for the Assassin, as his Sniper Rifle is already an excellent range weapon. The Mage’s Stone Spear is effectively a shotgun, so she should choose a ranged weapon as your secondary.

Generally, you will want to pair close-range weapon and a long-range weapon. The best long-range options are the Slug and Heirloom Rifles, the best close range options are the Crossbow and the Shotgun. The Crossbow is more difficult to use, but a more powerful weapon. The Burst Rifle is also a good choice for lower-skilled players. It is easier to land hits with, though ultimately less powerful. When choosing your loadout, consider your own abilities.

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