Forge Guide

Forge Guide


The forge is used to craft legendary weapons, armor, and abilities. It can also be used to craft health and armor potions. The forge is your key to victory and it would be nearly impossible to win a match without forging.


Crafting at the forge requires the expenditure of a currency called “shards.” Shards are found by disenchanting items or collected from defeated players. Gathering shards is important so be sure to disenchant every weapon, ability, and piece of armor you come across that you don’t intend to equip. To disenchant an item simply point the cursor at it and press the disenchant key (default button for this is ‘x’).


You can carry a maximum of 200 shards at one time, so once you are full, head to a forge and spend them.

Chicken Trophies

Some items require chicken trophies in addition to shards. Chicken trophies are dropped by defeated enemies. To acquire one, you’ll need to win a PvP encounter or stumble across a trophy someone else didn’t bother to pick up (which happens more frequently than you might think, though this is more common later in the game when everyone has already crafted their legendary weapons).

Where to Find Forges


There is a forge in nearly every large town, so they are not difficult to find. To locate the nearest forge, consult your map. Forges are indicated by an anvil icon.

Forging Options


There are six different items you can construct at the forge: Armor Potion (x3), Health Potion (x3), Legendary Armor, Legendary Weapon, Legendary Class Ability, and Legendary Class Weapon. Each option requires a different number of shards and takes a different amount of time to construct. To build an item, enter the small ring around the forge and hold the use button (default key is ‘e’). Once you select an item to craft, a timer will appear near the forge indicating how long until construction is complete. The item builds automatically and you are able to move and shoot during the forging process. You can even leave the forge entirely if you like. If you have enough shards, you can forge multiple items at the same time. Once an item is built, it is bound to the player that built it for a certain amount of time (meaning no other players will be able to pick it up). This binding is temporary, so do not wait too long to retrieve your items. You may only craft one of each type of legendary item per forge.

Armor Potion
Time to Build: 30s
Cost: 30 shards
Constructs three armor potions (which each repair 400 armor).

Health Potion
Time to Build: 30s
Cost: 30 shards
Constructs three health potions (which each restore 400 health).

Legendary Armor
Time to Build: 60s
Cost: 60 shards
Crafts a random piece of legendary armor. You are not able to choose which piece of armor you get, but you will not be given a duplicate piece of legendary armor.

Legendary Class Ability
Time to Build: 60s
Cost: 90 shards
Crafts a random legendary ability. You are not able to choose which ability you get, but it will be class-appropriate and you will not get a duplicate legendary ability.

Legendary Weapon
Time to Build: 60s
Cost: 120 shards, 1 chicken trophy
Crafts a random legendary weapon. This is different from the class legendary weapon, which is a stronger weapon. Though this option is cheaper, it’s generally worth saving your chicken trophies for your class legendary weapon first.

Class Legendary Weapon
Time to Build: 60s
Cost: 200 shards, 2 chicken trophies
Crafts your class legendary weapon. The class legendary weapon is the best item you can obtain (the case for all classes).


  • The class legendary weapon should be your first priority. It isn’t a great idea to build an ordinary legendary weapon before acquiring your class legendary weapon, as that will waste a chicken trophy. However, keep in mind that shards are much easier to come by than chicken trophies. You may find yourself at a forge with many shards but short on chicken trophies. In these cases, it’s worth spending your shards on armor and abilities. There is a good chance you will be able to collect enough shards to buy your class legendary weapon by the time you get another one or two trophies.
  • When choosing what to craft first, consider what you already have equipped. If you have a full set of epic armor, but only common abilities, then craft a legendary ability first. If you have low-level armor, but epic class abilities, craft the armor first. In general, it is worthwhile to craft legendary armor before legendary abilities. Also note that you can only craft one of each legendary item per forge. If you have enough shards, craft a piece of armor and an ability. When you have the opportunity to build at a forge, don’t bother about saving shards, you’ll come across plenty by the time you arrive at the next forge.
  • Don’t leave items behind at the forge. When you pick up new items, you drop old ones. Be sure to disenchant these. Even if you don’t really need the shards, at least don’t leave bonus shards for the next enemy to find and use.
  • Watch the smoke. When a forge is in use, smoke will billow from the smokestack. This gives you a hint that enemies are nearby. In general, you should always be on your toes around a forge because they are PvP hotspots.
  • Early in the game, if you manage to drop in an abandoned town, you can have access to a forge without threat of attack. You won’t have any chicken trophies, but you can use this opportunity to construct a legendary piece of armor and a legendary ability before you leave.
  • Watch the fog. Keep in mind the fog when forging. It takes time to forge items and if the fog is closing in, you may not have time to wait for your item to be finished. Forging at the edges of the fog can be a good strategy as it deters other players from coming near. It’s also very dangerous if you aren’t careful.
  • Visit many forges. One key to winning a round of Realm Royale is getting a full loadout of legendary weapons, abilities, and armor. Your first goal after dropping should be to do so. This will mean riding across the map and visiting multiple forges. It’s a good general strategy to drop at the edges of the map and work your way towards the center, hitting up forges along the way.


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[rrfg_01]: Forge
[rrfg_02]: Item being disenchanted (or cursor hovering over an item so that you can see the disenchant option)
[rrfg_03]: Image of the map (or of the mini map with a forge icon visible).
[rrfg_04]: Forge crafting selection screen

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