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Class Guide: Hunter


The Hunter is potentially the most lethal solo class in the game. She is well-suited for 1v1 combat as her skills enable her to evade attacks and constrain enemy movement while her legendary weapon is effective at all ranges. Her legendary weapon, the Longbow, is arguably the strongest weapon in the game as it does not need to be reloaded, has a quick rate-of-fire, and is effective at both long and short distances.



Gain 10% weapon swap and reload speed.

The Hunter’s passive ability doesn’t make much of a difference after she’s gotten the Longbow (which does not require reloading). Early in the game, however, it confers a decent advantage, especially if you are using a low-capacity weapon such the Shotgun or Revolver. It is not the strongest passive ability, but neither is it entirely useless.

: 5s/4s/3s/2s


Quickly roll in the direction you are moving.

The Hunter’s Dodge Roll covers the least amount of distance of any of the class movement abilities. It offers no vertical gain and does not carry the Hunter very far over the ground. However, this is more than made up for by the low cooldown times.

Dodge Roll is not great for escaping attackers or chasing down fleeing enemies, but it is useful during combat to dodge attacks, giving the Hunter a small burst of quick, unpredictable movement. Use it frequently during a fight to put your opponent off-balance. If you are close enough, roll directly toward your opponent to position yourself behind them.

Cooldown: 14s/12s/10s/8s
Radius: 120/150/180/210 Units
Damage: 200 + 10HP per tick (all tiers)
Duration: 7 seconds (all tiers)

Fire a flare that reveals enemies in a radius and does damage on impact.

Flare reveals enemy locations in a short radius. It can also be used offensively. If you hit an enemy directly with Flare, it will cause initial damage and ongoing burn damage.

Defensive Uses: Knowing exactly where your enemy is located is never a bad thing. Flare’s utility is limited however, as you will need to have a general idea of where your target already is. The detection radius isn’t that large, and if you fire Flare in the wrong direction it will reveal nothing. Fire it toward enemies behind cover, to help predict precisely when they will emerge. It’s also a good idea to shoot Flare into a building before you enter it.

Offensive Uses: Flare can be used to attack, though Blast Shot and Proximity Mine are better offensive abilities in general. As long as you have Flare, it’s worth firing at your enemy during a battle, but you should swap it out for something better once you get the chance.

Cooldown: 12s/10s/8s/6s
Damage: 350/420/490/560

Fire an explosive projectile.

Blast Shot is a damage-dealing ability. It is a fairly decent attack ability though not quite as useful as Proximity Mine. It’s worth equipping if you’re going for a fully offensive build, though a fully drawn Bow shot deals more damage.

Offensive Uses: Think of Blast Shot as a rechargeable third weapon that can be used instantly without swapping. Earlier in the game, especially before you get more powerful weapons, it is a useful attack. It can be a good opening salvo or finishing move. But swap it out with Proximity Mine if you get the chance.

: 14s/12s/10s/8s
Duration: 1s/2s/3s/4s


Leap backwards and become untargetable.

Withdraw is a powerful evasive move. The Hunter jumps backwards, creating some space from the opponent, and becomes invisible. The invisibility effect is brief, but long enough to give you breathing room or to reset the advantage in an encounter.

Defensive Uses: Use Withdraw any time an opponent gets the drop on you, it provides enough cover so that you can figure out the direction of your attacker. While Withdraw won’t keep you invisible long enough to entirely flee most situations, it will cause the enemy to lose track of you. Use this time to find cover or to turn the tables, lining up an attack on the enemy while they can’t see you.

Offensive Uses: After using Withdraw, the Hunter is invisible for a brief period of time. Attacking makes the Hunter visible again, but you can draw the Longbow while invisible. Use this to your advantage, particularly if you know an enemy is inside a building. Become invisible just before entering and try to get a shot off before your opponent notices your presence. Withdraw is an excellent ability for making sure you start the battle with a leg up on your foe.

Cooldown: 20s/16s/12s/8s
Damage: 750/900/1050/1200
Arm Time: 2s

Throw a mine that is triggered when an enemy draws close to it.

Proximity Mine, especially at the higher tiers, deals a massive amount of damage, and in an area-of-effect. One drawback is that the damage is lessened the further the enemy is from the explosion. Also, the arm time delay means it can’t be effectively used as a grenade (if you throw it directly at an enemy during a fight, it won’t explode on contact). This does not mean Proximity Mine has to be used before a battle starts, however. Even if the enemy sees you place your mine, it still becomes something they have to worry about, constraining their movement.

Defensive Uses: Place the Proximity Mine at chokepoints or entrances to buildings. You can even throw it at your feet as you are fleeing. If the enemy does not notice this, you can deal a lot of damage, turning the tables in an encounter. If they do notice the mine, they have to go around it, preventing them from chasing you in a direct path. You can also use the Proximity Mine as a kind of detector. If there are multiple pathways you expect to be attacked from, place the mine at one, and focus on the other. If the enemy triggers the mine, you will be able to see this even through walls when the damage counter shows up on your screen.

Offensive Uses: Proximity Mine works even better as an offensive weapon than a defensive one. It is more difficult for enemies to focus on attacking you when they have to worry about stepping on your mine. Proximity Mine does not disappear on its own, so can be placed well in advance of it’s detonation. Distract your opponents until they forget about your mine and accidentally trip it.


Hunter Longbow

Damage: 900 at full charge
Fire Rate: 2 shots per second at no charge, 1 shot per second at full charge
Clip Size: ∞

The Long Bow deals increasing damage as it is drawn (maxing out at 900). It takes about 1 second to fully draw.

The Long Bow is arguably the best legendary weapon in the game. It has a fast rate-of-fare for a legendary and is effective at both long and close distances. Its utility depends on the skill of the player, but if you have good aim, the Long Bow is extremely deadly. If you know your opponent is low on health, don’t draw the Longbow fully, taking advantage of the higher rate of fire to guarantee a hit or two.

Other Tips

Early Game: The Hunter is a decent early-game player. Her biggest advantage over the other classes is her legendary weapon, but this does not mean she is not formidable without it. The increased reload and swap speed can make a big difference in early encounters when most people have weaker weapons, especially in drawn-out battles. Her movement ability, unlike that of other classes, makes her harder rather than easier to hit and has a fast cooldown even at the common rarity.

Loadout: The Longbow works worst at the closer ranges. It is not a bad close-range weapon, but perhaps not as good as an Epic Shotgun, which is a good weapon to pair with the Longbow. The Hunter’s most useful skills are Proximity Mine and Withdraw, together providing a nice balance of offensive and defensive capabilities. Blast Shot is not a terrible skill to choose but is generally worse than Proximity Mine and it’s not worth swapping out Withdraw. Flare, while it does not deal as much damage as Blast Shot is in generally more useful, especially if you already have the Long Bow. It doesn’t deal as much damage, but provides utility as a detector when fighting inside a building or where you are maneuvering around cover (fighting around a boulder, say).

Forge: As with most classes, but especially with the Hunter, the first thing you want to craft at the forge is her legendary weapon. The Hunter has some of the faster cooldowns, so crafting armor to reduce these isn’t of paramount importance. Increasing the invisibility time of Withdraw is useful, as it gives you more time to use it offensively. Though of course, you can’t control which ability you are going to get when crafting.

Range: The Hunter is deadly at all ranges. Her biggest advantage over the other classes depends partially on the class you are fighting. Against the Assassin, who relies on long-range attacks, closer is probably better. Against the Warrior, especially if he has his Throwing Axe, try to put distance between you and your enemy. Take advantage of the versatility of the Hunter’s range and play to your opponent’s weakness. At super far ranges, it is hard to land hits with the Longbow, and the same can be said at very close ranges. Though at close range, simply switch to a shotgun and use Dodge Roll, which becomes even more useful for evasion during close-range combat. In any case, use Withdraw to help set the range to what most advantages you.

Evade: The Hunter is quite good at evasive action. While, as mentioned, Dodge Roll does not on its own cover a lot of distance, used in conjunction with Withdraw you can cover a lot of ground. This combination is only good for moving away from an opponent, as Withdraw will always move you backwards (unless you want to move backwards towards an enemy, which is not a good idea).

Shadow Strike: One of the most effective attack strategies you can perform with the Hunter is to combine the Longbow with the Withdraw skill. Withdraw to become invisible and then approach the enemy with Longbow drawn. Carefully line up your first shot and you can start every encounter with a 900 point advantage.

Placing Mines: Ideally, you want to place your mines where your enemy isn’t going to see them. Mines can attach to any surface, so you don’ have to place them directly on the ground. Throw them on walls just around corners or above doorways. Since mines don’t disappear unless triggered, destroyed, or you place a new one, you can plant a mine well in advance of its actual use. Place mines in forges even outside of fights to hurt unwary enemies and force them to use their potions. During a fight, use Proximity Mine to constrain enemy movement, blocking exits to prevent their escape or to cover your own.

Aiming: Your ability to aim is the single most important factor in how effective you can be as a Hunter. If you are able to hit tough targets, as the Hunter you will be nearly unbeatable.



















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