Class Guide: Mage

The Mage is among the more versatile classes in Realm Royale. She has both offensive and defensive abilities and excels in mid-range combat. While her passive ability is one of the weakest, her Fireball ability is among the strongest in the game. Overall, the Mage is a good choice for beginners and veterans alike.

Mage Abilities


Potions are 30% more effective.

This ability isn’t very helpful during combat, when you don’t have time to stop and heal. It’s useful for healing up after battles early in the game if you’re low on potions, but late in the game it’s practically useless. The Mage’s passive ability is the weakest among the classes, but her active abilities more than compensate for this.


Cooldown: 10s/8s/6s/4s
Duration: 3s/3.5s/4.4s/4.5s

Fly through the air for a brief period of time. Soar can be used to fly through windows and can be cancelled at any time by pressing the ability key again. You can soar in any direction and even change direction midair.

Soar provides a lot of mobility, allowing the Mage the move around the map and gain access to areas more quickly than other classes. Because of its relatively long duration and your ability to change direction, it provides the greatest range among the movement abilities.

Defensive Uses: Soar has a relatively slow movement speed and is not a useful evasive ability if you are in the open. The Mage can easily be picked off while soaring. However, Soar’s evasive potential is infinitely greater if you are near cover or a building. Soar can quickly get you around a corner or up and through a window.

Offensive Uses: Soar can be used to chase and surprise your enemies. If an enemy takes cover in a two-story building, soar through a window in the top floor and attack from above. If a weakened enemy flees behind cover, use Soar to close horizontal gaps quickly and chase them down. Before using Soar aggressively, take into account your weapons and your opponent’s weapons. Use Soar to set the combat distance that gives you the best advantage. If you only have a short-range weapon, this can be especially useful. Always keep in mind that you are vulnerable while soaring. Don’t close distance gaps while the enemy is shooting at you, wait until they have taken cover and move in when they aren’t looking.


Cooldown: 14s/12s/10s/8s
Duration: 3s/5s/7s/9s

A stone wall that blocks attacks and visibility for all characters.

Stone Wall is easily the Mage’s weakest ability, and possibly the weakest ability in the game. It’s better than nothing, but you are better off with any of the Mage’s other skills, which are all much better.

Defensive Uses: The defensive uses of Stone Wall are fairly straightforward. It provides a barrier that can be used as cover. This barrier also covers your enemies and does not last very long, especially at the lower ranks. While it blocks you from view, it also blocks your view of your opponent and can serve them just as well as it does you. If you are in a desperate situation and need to flee, Stone Wall can save your skin if used in conjunction with Soar. Throw up a stone wall, and while the enemy cannot see where you are going, fly away. Or, if you are near a building, run though the doorway and slow your pursuer by blocking the entrance behind you.


Cooldown: 12s/10s/8s/6s
Slow: 15%/30%/45%/60%

An exploding flask that slows enemies. The explosive flask deals 200 damage, which does not increase at higher ranks.

Damaged caused by the Explosive Flask is useful for weakening enemies, but the real advantage is its slowing effect, which makes enemies easier to target. At the legendary level, Explosive Flask slows enemies 60%, making headshots easy even if your aim isn’t so good. The flightpath of the Exploding Flask is a little awkward as it does not arc smoothly, nor does it fly perfectly straight. It flies mostly straight with a slight drop off at the end. This can make aiming over long distances difficult, though with practice you can get used to it. The Exploding Flask works well in conjunction with your weapons, so be sure to use it as much as possible during fights.

Defensive Uses: Using the Explosive Flask to slow enemies can give you the advantage you need to escape. The explosion itself lingers on the ground for some time, so throw the Explosive Flask in doorways and your enemy may be reluctant to follow (and if they do, they’ll be slowed). If you can, aim directly at your enemy, but you can also throw the Explosive Flask where you don’t want your enemy to run, containing their movement.

Offensive Uses: As fleeing is not generally a good strategy in Realm Royale (it’s almost always better to fight), if you’ve slowed an enemy with an Explosive Flask, you should take advantage of their slow movement to score headshots. Hit your enemy with the Explosive Flask early in the battle to soften them up and make them more susceptible to your other attacks.


Cooldown: 14s/12s/10s/8s
Duration: 3s/4s/5s/6s

Freezes the Mage in ice, during which time she is immune to damage and recovers health (20 health every 0.2s). Ice Block can be cancelled by pressing the action key again.

The disadvantage to Ice Block is that you are frozen and cannot move while it is active. An enemy can simply wait until you unfreeze and then blast you away. In one-on-one encounters, Ice Block won’t save you if your opponent can wait you out. However, if used correctly, it is quite powerful.

Defensive Uses: While Ice Block is activated, the Mage is immune to all damage. If you are about to die, it can give you time for allies to arrive and chase away (or kill) your attacker. Keep in mind you cannot move while using Ice Block, so if your enemy has a close-range weapon, this gives them time to close in on you. The lack of mobility also prevents you from using Ice Block as a means of escape. As Ice Block heals the Mage, it can be used in lieu of potions to shore up your health. If you aren’t at full health, use it out of combat to top yourself off.

Offensive Uses: Ice Block isn’t just for healing. While frozen in Ice Block, the Mage’s cooldowns are still active. Since the Mage’s powers are her greatest weapon in battle, this allows you to change the pace of a fight. Use your other abilities and then freeze, effectively pausing the battle while your skills recharge. Your enemy does not know when you will emerge, giving you the advantage of knowing when the battle will resume. Releasing Ice Block early can catch an enemy off guard.


Cooldown: 10s/8s/6s/4s
Damage: 450/540/630/720

Launches a fireball projectile that passes through enemies and deals splash damage when it hits walls and objects.

Fireball is the Mage’s strongest ability and among the best abilities in the game. When used in combination with your weapon, Fireball can deal serious damage in a short amount of time

Offensive Uses: The large size of the fireball makes it easy to land hits at medium and close ranges. Fireball does move a little slowly so be sure to lead the enemy. The low cooldown of the Legendary Fireball (4s) means you can use it fairly regularly throughout any battle. Use Fireball as often as possible. And do not hesitate to shoot at an enemy behind cover, as you can sometimes hurt them with the splash damage.


The Stone Spear acts like a powerful mid-range shotgun. A single burst fires 3 projectiles that deal 300 damage each. It has a clip size of 6 and a fire rate of 1.2 shots per second.

The Stone Spear is a versatile weapon and easy to use. Its wide spread and quick rate of fire means you can rapidly attack at the enemy without worrying too much about aiming, making it an excellent weapon for beginners. Used in conjunction with Fireball, it is one of the strongest attack in the game. The Stone Spear works best as a close or mid-range weapon, depending on what you are fighting against. If you face off against an Assassin with the Legendary Sniper Rifle, fly in close. If your enemy is swinging a giant sword, stay at a distance. At the further ranges you won’t deal full damage with the Stone Spear but you can still score hits, so don’t hesitate to fire on far-away targets.

Other Tips

Early Game: Once fully equipped, the Mage is the strongest class in the game. However, as the Mage is reliant on her abilities and her passive ability doesn’t provide immediate aid during combat, she is weak starting out. You will want to try and find the Fireball ability as quickly as possible. The Mage’s movement ability can be useful if you drop close to other players. Use it to get to chests quicker or to fly through the windows in the top floors of buildings.

Loadout: The Mage’s best abilities are Ice Block and Fireball. Stone wall is certainly the weakest and should be swapped out if you have the chance. You may choose to use Fireball and Explosive Flask together for a fully-offensive build. Reducing the cooldown times is also of importance for the Mage. The Epic and Legendary Helmets will do this by 10% and 30% respectively. Before you get the Stone Spear, any weapon works well with the Mage, depending on your play style. You can pick up long-range weapons and use the Ice Block ability to heal from behind cover or pick up close-range weapons and use Soar to close in on your opponents. After you have the Stone Spear, try to find a legendary or epic long-range weapon to far-away enemies (weaker long-range weapons are no better than the Stone Spear over distances).

Forge: The best item the Mage can get is the Legendary Fireball. However, when at the forge, which ability you build is random, so going for a legendary ability first is a gamble. You could end up with a skill you don’t even want, and the chance to craft a Legendary Helmet is almost as useful. A safer bet is to craft armor, but getting Legendary Fireball early can be a big reward.

Range: The Mage can work at any range but excels at mid-range combat. At further distances, the spread of the Stone Spear and the slow speed of the Fireball make these attacks easier to evade. The Mage works well at close ranges, but at mid-range, you are safer from powerful sword and shotgun attacks. When in combat, keep at mid-range and blast away with the Stone Spear, making sure to use Fireball as much as possible. The Mage isn’t reliant on headshots, so you want to spam your attacks as quickly as possible, without taking too much time to line up your attacks.

Burst Shot: The Mage’s most powerful attack is really two attacks, a Fireball followed by a burst from the Stone Spear. Since Fireball moves a little slowly, if you shoot immediately after using fireball, you can get both attacks to land almost simultaneously, dealing a massive amount of damage. To master the Mage, you will need to master these attacks in conjunction.

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