Realm Royale Potion Guide


Potions are the primary method of healing in Realm Royale. There are two types of potions: yellow and green. The yellow potions restore your armor points while the green potions restore your health points. Once consumed, each restores 400 points of damage.

Where to Find


Potions are found in boxes scattered throughout the map. They can be built at the forge for 30 shards (and take approximately 30 seconds to build). You can also find potions when they are dropped by fallen enemies. Potions are collected automatically when you walk over them.

Using Potions


You can carry up to 10 of each type of potion and they can be bound to whichever key you like, though by default they are used by pressing the ‘G’ and ‘H’ keys.

Once you activate a potion, it will take a couple of seconds to drink and for the effect to kick in. If you are damaged or move or try to attack during this phase, this will cancel the potion. It will not be consumed and remain in your inventory, but it’s effects will not be applied. This means that you can’t use potions in the middle of combat unless you are able to find cover or hide for long enough to apply the potion.


  • While it is difficult to use potions during a battle, it is not impossible. If you’ve taken a lot of damage, it can be worthwhile to find cover and heal. Remember that lulls in battle allow your opponent to heal as well. If you think you’ve got the advantage, be sure to press it. Do not allow your enemy to restore their health and reset the terms of the fight.
  • Don’t feel that you need to optimize your potions. Towards the end of a round, you’re likely to have more potions than you know what to do with. Every point of health matters, so even if you’ve only lost 10, use a potion if you aren’t in a fight. Make sure you approach every encounter with maximum health.
  • Forge potions. Extra shards don’t give you extra points at the end. Generally, use your shards for armor, weapons, and abilities. But if you find yourself with extra, craft a potion or two.


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[rrpg_01]: Potions from opened chest
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