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Class Guide: Warrior

The Warrior is a solid, versatile class choice. He is ideal for beginners, but strong enough to be a good option for advanced players as well. He is the most durable class and excels at short to mid-range combat.



Gain 5 points of health per second.

The Warrior’s passive ability adds a measure of durability to the character. The slow rate of regeneration isn’t enough to make a Warrior invincible, and in most cases doesn’t provide much of an advantage during combat unless you are able to hide for an extended period of time. As you must lose all of your armor before taking health damage, it can be a useful ability if you are able to repair your armor, which will absorb hits until your health has recovered. This ability stacks with the passive healing granted by the epic and legendary breastplates, which together make the Warrior difficult to take down.


Cooldown: 16s/14s/12s/10s
Damage: 375/450/525/600

Warrior Jumping

Leap an incredible height and distance.

Heroic Leap is the only movement ability that also causes damage to your opponent provided you are able to land on them. It does not launch you as high as the Engineer’s Thrust, but it covers a good deal of horizontal distance. It is a versatile ability that provides excellent mobility for attacking and retreating.

Defensive Uses: While using Heroic Leap, you are somewhat vulnerable, as enemies can predict your flight path and the vertical gain will put you in the sky where there is no cover (unless you are near a tall building). However, you have a fair bit of control over your movement while in the air, so you can make your flight path unpredictable. More importantly, you are able to leap a sizeable horizontal distance, meaning you can put a lot of space between you and your opponent. Heroic Leap is a good skill for retreating as it can get you over obstacles and far from your opponent rather quickly. Use it to leap behind cover or even around buildings. The Mage is the only other class with a movement ability that can chase down a leaping Warrior.

Offensive Uses: Heroic Leap works even better offensively than it does defensively. The Warrior excels in close-range combat and Heroic Leap quickly closes gaps between you and the enemy. Not only that, if you are able to land directly on top of an opponent, Heroic Leap deals up to 600 points of damage (at the legendary level). Pull out your Throwing Axe or Shotgun and leap directly at an enemy, startling them and taking them out quickly once up close. If you throw down a Shielding Potion just before leaping, you can make yourself immune to enemy fire while you are vulnerable in the air.


Cooldown: 10s/8s/6s/4s
Damage: 200 (all tiers)
Slow Effect: 20%/40%/60%/80%

Throw a net that reduces target’s movement speed.

Net Shot causes a small amount of damage and reduces your enemy’s movement speed. It is a good way to slow down enemies attempting to flee, keeping the battle up close and personal. Slower opponents also make for easier targets.

Defensive Uses: A slow enemy is easier to escape than a quick one. Hit an enemy with net shot to hinder their ability to chase you. Keep in mind that Net Shot only slows movement speed and not fire rate, so it won’t prevent an opponent from shooting at you as you flee. If using Net Shot in order to escape, you will want to pair it with another ability such as Heroic Leap, putting you out of sight of your opponent before attempting to run away.

Offensive Uses: Net Shot does not do a lot of damage relative to other abilities, and what little damage it does do does not increase at the higher tiers. The primary benefit of Net Shot is its slowing effect. If you are already a good shot, the slowing effect may not provide that much of an advantage other than that it can prevent an enemy from taking cover as quickly. Definitely use it at the start of a battle to maximize the advantage it confers, but keep in mind this advantage is slight. Net Shot is often worth trading out for another skill when possible. During teamplay, however, Net Shot can be powerful if combined with an area-of-effect ability such as the Engineer’s Fire Bomb or the Mage’s Explosive Flask. The slowed movement will prevent enemies from escaping these attacks as quickly, multiplying the damage they can cause.


Cooldown: 16s/14s/12s/10s
Duration: 3s (all tiers)
Healing Effect: 10/13/16/19 (per tick)

Flask Of Healing

Throw a flask that heals both yourself and allies.

The Flask of Healing is a quick and easy way to heal yourself in the middle of battle. Unlike the Healing Potion, it deploys instantly. However, it’s healing benefits are dispersed over time; not all health is restored instantly. It’s a nice method for increasing your durability and extending your lifespan during a battle. It also has an area-of-effect, meaning that you can use it to heal allies as well. This expands Flask of Healing’s utility during team play.

Defensive Uses: Flask of Healing is a quick and easy way to recover health. Use it out of battle to save your healing potions, or in battle to give yourself a quick boost, hopefully healing enough damage to keep you alive during a retreat. Be sure to throw it at your feet though. If you accidentally throw Flask of Healing too far, you’ll miss yourself and won’t receive the effects. You can also throw Flask of Healing at far-away allies that are in trouble, keeping them alive long enough for you to come to their aid.

Offensive Uses: Flask of Healing can be used for a quick health buff when charging into battle. Knowing that you have it ready, you can play more aggressively, pushing close to your enemy and throwing a flask once you begin to take damage.


Cooldown: 19s/13s/16s/10s
Shield Strength: 350/400/450/500 (per tick)
Duration: 3 seconds (all tiers)

Throw a potion that provides a shield to both yourself and allies.

Shielding Potion, like Flask of Healing, provides an area-of-effect buffer, and you are able to use it on yourself and teammates. Both you and an ally can get the benefit simultaneously if you are standing close enough together. Shielding Potion creates a defensive barrier that essentially makes you immune to damage for three seconds or for as long as the shield strength holds. It is an incredibly useful ability and can turn the tables during a fight.

Defensive Uses: You are immune from damage while Shielding Potion protects you. At the longest, this will mean for 3 seconds. Use this valuable time to flee or hold out until help from allies arrives. You can also throw the flask at distant allies to protect them.

Offensive Uses: You can Use Shielding Potion much like you would Flask of Healing in battle. Throw it down during a fight to essentially give yourself extra HP. Shielding Potion works much better than Flask of Healing in this regard for a couple of reasons. One is that you don’t already have to be injured for it to be effective. Later in the game, when you have a lot of armor, Flask of Healing can’t effectively be used until you’ve lost all your armor. Shielding Potion can be used right before an encounter, and possibly used again during the fight depending on how long your battle lasts. Use it early and often.


Cooldown: 11s/9s/7s/5s
Damage: 400 (all tiers)

Dash forward, dealing damage to any enemies hit.

Dash is a useful offensive ability but it is also an effective mobility skill. It covers a decent amount of horizontal distance, allowing you to close gaps while also dealing damage. Charge pairs effectively with the Warrior’s Heroic Leap ability. It can even be used mid-air during a Heroic Leap, giving you extra horizontal range.

Defensive Uses: Dash allows you to quickly cover a fair bit of ground, so is useful in avoiding enemy fire as well as escaping. Use Dash to give yourself some breathing room or to quickly escape behind cover or into a building.

Offensive Uses: Use Dash to close combat distances. The Warrior functions best at close range. At the legendary level, Dash has a cooldown time of only 5 seconds, meaning it can be used frequently during a battle. Ram into the enemy to cause some damage, and then pummel them with your close-range weapons. Use in conjunction with the Shielding Potion to keep yourself safe while you whittle away enemy health. Using Dash and Heroic Leap together makes it very difficult for enemies to escape the Warrior. Keep battles short-range to take advantage of the Warrior’s strengths.



Damage: 900
Fire Rate: 0.9 shots per second
Clip Size: ∞

The Throwing Axe (or perhaps more appropriately described as “throwing axes”) is a slow-moving medium to close-range weapon that can deal some serious damage.

The projectile speed of Throwing Axe is fairly slow, especially compared to other weapons. It takes a bit to figure out how much you need to lead your targets. At closer ranges, it is a devastating weapon because of its quick fire-rate. While not the strongest legendary weapon, but it is formidable. Don’t try to use Throwing Axe at a distance however, as the slow projectile speed makes it easy to dodge.

Other Tips

Early Game: The Warrior is perhaps the strongest early game character. His starting skill, Heroic Leap, is the only movement skill that also deals damage. And his health regeneration makes him a bit more durable than the other characters.

Loadout: The Warrior is among the more versatile classes, and which loadout you choose depends on your play style. In solo matches, the best abilities to choose are probably Charge and Shielding Potion. Flask of Healing is useful early in the game, but Shielding Potion acts similarly but is generally better. Net Shot is more useful when you have allies with area-of-effect abilities. You could choose to use Flask of Healing and Shielding Potion for the most durable build possible, especially if you are going for a mid-range build.

Armor: Because of the Warrior’s passive healing ability, getting an Epic or Legendary Breastplate stacks very well, resulting in up to 20 points per second of health regeneration per second.

Range: The Warrior works best at mid and close ranges. The Throwing Axe is a close-range ability, so pair this with a long range weapon such as the Slug Rifle or the Heirloom Rifle.

Tank: The most obvious use of the Warrior is as a tank. His health regeneration and his healing and shielding abilities make him the most durable character. Charge in first to soak up enemy damage while your allies aid you from afar. If playing the Warrior this way, keep in mind that your job is to take enemy fire for as long as possible. Prioritize keeping yourself alive while allies deal damage.

Support: The Warrior works both as a support character as well as a tank. Flask of Healing and Shielding Potion are applied to any allies in the effect radius and so you can buff your teammates during combat. You can also use Net Shot to slow enemies so that they can be more easily damaged by your allies’ area-of-effect abilities.

Leap and Charge: Heroic Leap and Charge pair very well together. Used together, they make the Warrior the most mobile class, able to cover horizontal and vertical distances. You can even use Charge mid-air to give yourself some extra distance. Both of these abilities also damage the enemy, meaning that they are a good way to initiate a battle while setting the range close, which is to the Warrior’s benefit.

[rrwg_04]: Warrior using Throwing Axe

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