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Honeycombing in Rust is an excellent way of building your base in a way that serves the primary purpose of protecting your loot. The concept is very simple, yet, the execution can be challenging. Honeycombing involves building additional layers of non-functioning building around your central, function room holding your tool cupboard or other protected items. By building many layers of walls in a honeycomb pattern, you create a massive network of panels to break through for your would-be intruder.

construct a simple base

To start, construct a simple base that suits your needs and neatly houses your tool cupboard. One square foundation, three solid walls, one door wall, and a ceiling will suffice. Now, if somebody were to raid your base, they can obviously enter through your door to find your tool cupboard. This prospect may have led you to construct your base in such a way that your tool cupboard is stashed behind a handful of doors or an airlock; however, you will find that the added effort of doors may prompt your raiders to simply break through the walls of your base instead.

Triangle Foundation

This is where honeycombing comes in. Now that you have a simple one-room base with your tool cupboard inside, install triangle foundations the entire way around the base. Some foundation pieces will need to be square. One of these can be utilized as your airlock. Next, a wall in the entire outer structure. When you begin to fill in the interior space of this outer corridor with solid walls you find that it creates a string of empty, closed off rooms which create four points of contact through which an intruder would need to break for ingress.

Triangle Foundation Around the building

Employing triangle building materials in the process of honeycombing is beneficial for multiple reasons. Triangles cost less in resources to produce in large quantities than square materials. However, most importantly, the sharp angles of the walls naturally provide more of an obstacle for less space due to the way they come together.

Building for honeycomb

That is the simple concept of honeycombing a base in Rust; it is an effective way to keep your loot safe from raiders, just be sure to have enough materials to pull it off strategically. You don’t want any obvious weaknesses to show from the exterior.


Once you can perfect this technique and get a feel for how the triangles come together in a zig-zag pattern that resembles a natural honeycomb, you can explore different, more complex methods. Eventually, your needs will call for the use of doubled up or even tripled up honeycombing as well as multistory honeycombing. Yes, the principal of Rust honeycombing goes vertical as well as horizontal. Always remember that people can boost and raid from the ceiling. For the most effective stronghold, a one-story base should have two levels of honeycomb and so on.


I hope this adequately and clearly expressed the essence of Rust base honeycombing and why it is a delicate and effective measure against raids. Get out and practice your building skills.

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