What Is A Rust Research Table?

A research table in Rust is a craftable item that you can use to research items you have obtained while you are playing the game.Rust Research Table

When you research an item at the research table, you can create a blueprint for it. A blueprint, in Rust, allows a player to craft items they couldn’t previously craft.

It is important to note that you can’t research items that you already know how to craft.

For example, the wooden bow is a default item that you already know how to craft. As such, you won’t be able to research it any further.

Rust Bow Research

How To Research In Rust

As mentioned above, the research table allows you to create blueprints of items you don’t know how to craft.

Before you get into researching an item, though, you need to have a research table.

You can craft a research table for your base or you can use the research tables that can be found at various monuments in the world, including the following.

  • Airfield
  • Industrial Train Yard
  • Power Plant
  • Satellite Dish Array
  • Mining Outpost
  • Abandoned Supermarket

If you are crafting your own research table, though, you will need 200 metal fragments and 75 scrap as well as a level 1 work bench.

From there, the crafting itself only takes 60 seconds to complete.

Rust Research Table

Now that you have your research table, let’s get into how to actually craft objects.

You will need an item that you don’t know how to craft and the required amount of scrap needed to research it.

The amount of scrap you will need will vary depending on the item you are researching.

Rust Research Ax

When you go to research an item, two slots will appear.

In the upper slot, you will want to place the item that you are researching.

Once again, it must be an item you don’t already know how to craft and you can only research one item at a time.

In the lower slot, you will want to place the amount of scrap needed to produce the blueprint.

Trying to use less scrap than needed will not work.

Scrap With Ax

Once you do this, the “research” button will become interactable and you can click it to start researching.

Researching takes 10 seconds each time.

Once these 10 seconds are up, the item you put in the upper slot will be replaced with a blueprint.

Hatchett Blueprint

If you entered more scrap than was needed, the extra scrap will be left in the lower slot.

If you put in the exact amount of scrap that you needed, though, the lower slot will be empty when you are finished researching.

The original item you used to create the blueprint, though, does get destroyed during the process.

Blueprint with scrap

Rust Workbenches

As noted a moment ago, you will need a workbench to craft a research table.

There are three tiers of workbenches labeled accordingly as workbench level 1, workbench level 2, and workbench level 3.

When you move up to workbench level 2, you are decreasing the time it takes to craft by 50%.

Moving up one more tier to workbench level 3 decreases this further to 75% less than the original crafting time with workbench level 1.

workbench with rock

To craft a research table, you will only need a workbench level 1.

With this workbench, as mentioned before, it will take 60 seconds to craft the research table.

However, if you have a higher level workbench you can, of course, use it.

As a result, the crafting time for the research table will be shortened.


For the purposes of this article, though, let’s stick to the basics. To craft a workbench level 1 to craft your research table on, you will need the following:

  • Wood – 500
  • Metal Fragments – 100
  • Scrap – 50

Once you have everything in place, it will only take a short amount of time to craft the workbench level 1: ranging between 15 seconds and a minute of crafting.

A Note On Blueprints

When you learn a blueprint when you are playing Rust, that action is tied to your player on the server that you are on. As such, if you switch servers, you will need to learn these blueprints again.

Mailbox Blueprint

However, you should also remember that admins who run their own servers can choose to do a blueprint wipe if they want at any time.

For the most part, though, they don’t unless their hand is forced.

Facepunch themselves, though, rarely forces a blueprint wipe unless something in the game is changed or glitched to cause a need for a total restart.

It is also worth noting that researching isn’t the only way to obtain blueprints in Rust.

You can also, for example, find them or trade for them(Vending Machine).

Researching, though, is one of the most reliable ways to learn the blueprints for exact items rather than leaving it up to chance that you will find or another player will have exactly what you need.

Rust Research Costs

Whenever you research something, you will need a certain amount of scrap as well as the item you are looking to research.

However, not every item that you research costs the same amount of scrap.

To help you keep track of how much scrap you need, though, below you will find a reference list including the item to be researched followed by the amount of scrap you will need to produce a blueprint.

This table has the research cost for every item in the game.

Make sure to bookmark this page and come back anytime you need to research the cost of an item.

Concrete Barricade20
Sandbag Barricade20
Stone Barricade20
Wooden Barricade20
Water Bucket20
Ceiling Light 20
Tuna Can Lamp20
Fire Arrow20
Stone Fireplace20
Leather Gloves20
Acoustic Guitar20
Beanie Hat20
Miner’s Hat20
(Red) Snow Jacket20
Jacket 20
Tank Top20
Long Sleeved Shirt20
Mail Box20
Improvised Balaclava20
Small Planter Box20
Large Planter Box20
Rug Bear Skin20
Reactive Target20
Salvaged Sword20
Metal Horizontal Embrasure20
Metal Vertical Embrasure20
Wood Shutters20
Wooden Floor Spikes20
Spinning Wheel20
Chain Link Fence20
Chain Link Fence Gate20
Small Water Catcher20
Water Barrel20
Pistol Bullet75
12 Gauge Slug75
12 Gauge Buckshot75
12 Gauge Incendiary Shell75
Barbed Wooden Barricade75
Snap Trap75
Bed 75
Drop Box 75
Duct Tape75
Flame Turret75
Weapon Flashlight75
Floor Grill75
Beancan Grenade75
F1 Grenade75
Salvaged Hammer75
Bucket Helmet75
Coffee Can Helmet75
Riot Helmet75
Road Sign Kilt75
Road Sign Jacket75
Road Signs 75
Large Medkit75
Metal Blade75
Waterpipe Shotgun75
Salvaged Cleaver75
Empty Propane Tank75
Search Light75
Sewing Kit75
Salvaged Shelves75
Large Wooden Sign75
Huge Wooden Sign75
Simple Handmade Sight75
Small Oil Refinery75
Medical Syringe75
Prison Cell Gate75
Prison Cell Wall75
Garage Door75
Metal Window Bars75
Reinforced Glass Window75
Large Water Catcher75
Incendiary Pistol Bullet250
HV Pistol Ammo250
5.56 Rifle Ammo250
Explosive 5.56 Rifle Ammo250
Incendiary 5.56 Rifle Ammo250
HV 5.56 Rifle Ammo250
Incendiary Rocket250
High Velocity Rocket250
Salvaged Axe250
Metal Barricade250
Satchel Charge 250
Flame Thrower 250
Ladder Hatch250
Large Furnace250
High External Wooden Gate250
Heavy Plate Helmet250
Hazmat Suit250
Holosight 250
Salvaged Icepick250
Heavy Plate Jacket250
Heavy Plate Pants250
Wooden Ladder250
Weapon Lasersight250
Metal Pipe250
Muzzle Boost250
Muzzle Brake250
4x Zoom Scope250
Semi-Automatic Pistol250
Python Revolver250
Semi-Automatic Rifle250
Thompson 250
Double Barrel Shotgun250
Pump Shotgun250
Shotgun Trap250
Custom SMG250
Metal Spring250
High External Wooden Wall250
Reinforced Window Bars250
Assault Rifle750
Bolt Action Rifle750
Rocket Launcher750
Auto Turret750
Timed Explosive Charge750
Explosives 750
Survey Charge750
Metal Facemask750
Metal Chest Plate750
Armored Door750
Armored Double Door750
High External Stone Gate750
High External Stone Wall750

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