Top Skyrim Easter Eggs

1. The Skeleton and the Saber Cat/300

South of the Shrine Of Paride, there is a skeleton and a dead saber cat this is a reference to the movie made in 2006 called 300 where lyanidise leads a wolf to a passage and slays it.


2. Alduin/Nidhogg

Alduin in Skyrim was a dragon based on a legend called Nidhogg it was told that he feasted on death and the earth tree. Nidhogg was a symbol of death and destruction.


3. The Honorhall Orphanage/Annie

The Honorhall Orphanage which is in Riften Grelod The Kind says: ” Now, what do you all say? “, The children say ” We love you Grelod. Thank you for your kindness. ” which is a reference from the movie Annie.


4. Rebel’s Cairn / Sword in the stone

Just outside of Rebel’s Cairn is a pile of stones called ” Cairn. ” and thrust within its crown holds a sword of course making a reference to ” Sword in the stone. ”


5. Lady of the lake / Excalibur

From a beige of the same book, which is Northeast of Bleakwind Basin a pond lays in the ground with an arm penetrating through the water wielding a sword which holds a reference to ” Lady in the Lake. ”


6. Lady Stone / Lady in the lake

The lake found within of Lake Ilinalta and in the middle of Lake Ilinalta stands an island which contains the ” Lady Stone ” which gives the reference to ” Lady in the Lake. ”


7. White Stag / Arthurian Lore

The quest ” Ill met by Moonlight ” found within the realm of Skyrim holds the lore of the Arthurian story, meaning the White stag symbolizes as Adventure, and The Hunt.


8. Barbas / Marbas / Sandman Comics / Barbosa

Barbas the talking dog found within the realm of Skyrim is named after one of the 72 demons listed in the asiata which refers to Bobis the presedential of hell governing 36 legions of demons; He who takes the form of a lion and answers honestly while barbers in Skyrim takes the form of a dog rather than a lion, but he does answer honestly making up for clavicus vile’s lack thereof bubbles’s may also refer to a dog from a 1977 USSR TV short cartoon in which there is a stray dog named Barba’s or Barbosa much like we en-counter Barbas in – game as a stray dog cow again he might also be a reference to Barnabas a talking dog who makes an appearance in the DC Sandman Comic book series of the 1990’s.


9. Bearded lady Draugr

The Bearded Lady is one of the rarest draugrs you can find in the realm of Skyrim, everything about the bearded lady Draugr is feminine and rotten as a corpse and has a beard on top of it.


10. Gaston Bellefort / Beauty and the Beast

Deep inside of the Felker of the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary beholds a spider named Lists, another fascinating thing about this easter egg is the fact there are remains of Gaston Bellefort which is a three-way reference to the characters Gaston, Belle and Fought from the classic movie Beauty and the Beast.


11. Beowulf / High Hrothgar

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